Features Included in the ViaTalk VoIP Packages


These are just some of the features and services included with the ViaTalk broadband phone service packages. You just cannot get some of these features with a standard landline telephone. You would have to pay extra for some of the features. They are free with ViaTalk’s VoIP packages!

Enhanced VoIP Voicemail
Their enhanced voicemail system is designed with customization and usability in mind. Check your voicemail via your phone, web browser, or email via the touch of a button. This system allows for fast and easy transfer of voicemail messages to anyone, anytime.

Call Record
Record any of your conversation bytes on the fly, and have the recording delivered to your phone as voicemail. Never miss important information again!

ViaTalk On-The-Go
Your ViaTalk phone adapter is not limited to use in your house! Going away for a summer vacation? Going on a long business trip? Bring your adapter with you, and anywhere you can get high-speed internet access you can use your home phone free of charge.

Incoming Caller ID w/ Name
Caller ID w/ name allows you to see not only the number of the party calling you, but the name associated with that number as well.

Soft Phone Access
Soft Phone Access allows you to run a program on your computer that allows you to use your desktop or laptop as a VoIP telephone.

Call Forwarding
Call forwarding gives you the flexibility of being able to forward any calls that come in to another phone number of your choice via a simple to use web based configuration tool. Forward your home number to your office while you are at work and never miss another call again!

Simultaneous Ring
Simultaneous ring allows you to have not only your home phone number ring when you receive a call, but up to two other numbers as well. Set up your house phone to ring your cell phone at the same time in case you are outside! Simultaneous ring can be setup in seconds with our easy to use web based configuration tool.

e911 Support
Enhanced 911 services are available in most markets where VoIP ViaTalk service is available.

Call Waiting
Never miss a call again with our easy to use call-waiting feature. Call waiting allows you to put the first call on hold while you answer the second, and switch back and fourth seamlessly.

Anonymous Call Rejection
Avoid unwanted calls by choosing to reject all incoming calls that have their caller ID set to 'anonymous'.

Network Unavailable Forward
ViaTalk VoIP network unavailable forward allows you to forward calls to your cell phone or any other number in case of an ISP or power outage at your home or office.

Toll Free Remote Voicemail Access
ViaTalk toll free remote voicemail access allows you to check your voicemail from any phone at any time free of charge.

Do Not Disturb
Never be interrupted while you are sleeping or during your favorite TV show again! ViaTalk allows you to set, on a daily basis, blackout periods where you can select for calls to either get a busy signal, a recorded message, or go directly to voicemail.

Web Based Call Logs
Whether you want to review your monthly billing information or just see who the family has been talking to, all of your phone logs including who, where, when, and for how long, are available for real time viewing via your web based administration account.

Free 411 Directory Service
411 Directory Service allows you to get information for any listed business or home address in the United States or Canada free of charge.

Custom Call Blocking
Are you looking to avoid a call from a specific number? You can do it easily with ViaTalk's web based custom call blocking feature.

Call Alarm / Wake-Up Call
Never miss an important meeting or weekly appointment again! Configure your Voip ViaTalk line to call and remind you of both one time and recurring important dates and appointments.

Call Broadcasting
Need to relay information quickly and reliably to a group of people without the hassle of calling them all? Use the ViaTalk Call Broadcasting feature to send out a message simultaneously to up to 20 people.

Distinctive Ring
Want to know who is calling without having to look at the Caller ID? Setup distinctive ringing on your ViaTalk line today!

Email Notification
ViaTalk now offers the ability to set multiple email addresses to receive notification of the arrival of a new voicemail message on your home IP phone line.

Voicemail Notification via SMS Text Msg
ViaTalk now offers the ability to set numbers to receive SMS text message to alert you of a new voicemail on your home phone line.

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ViaTalk provides the most cost effective, complete VoIP broadband phone service package available to United States residential and business customers. They are a debt-free company offering the lowest rates available. Here is a sample of what they have to offer for VoIP phone plans.

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