VoIP... What Is It?


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is also referred to as IP telephony. VoIP services convert your voice into bits and bytes that are transmitted over the Internet. A coder-decoder, or codec, converts your voice into a compressed digital form for transfer and then back into an uncompressed audio signal for replay. The transmission is done using the Internet’s packet switching capabilities, thus Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is the core of VoIP. VoIP is in essence, a family of technologies that enable voice communications using IP networks like the Internet.

VoIP Technology

VoIP technology uses the Internet's packet-switching capabilities to provide phone service. Existing phone systems are driven by a very reliable but rather inefficient method for connecting calls called circuit switching. Packet switching is much more efficient. It lets the network route the packets along the least congested and cheapest lines. It also frees up the two computers communicating with each other so that they can accept information from other computers, as well.

The most common VoIP solution is connecting through an analog telephone adapter (ATA) using an existing high-speed Internet connection. You just plug your phone into the adapter and make a VoIP phone call with your existing phone.

IP Phones are another solution. They simply plug right into your broadband modem or router. These IP phones also have the technology to use your wireless connection or any Wi-Fi hot spot available. This lets you use your phone anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection, you do not have to keep your phone at home you can use it almost anywhere. Imagine driving to work, receiving a call on your cell phone from a client, and then continuing that call on the corporate Wi-Fi network as you walk into the front office, all without any interruption to your call-in-progress. The cell network will just "hand off" the call to your Wi-Fi network. Try that with a landline. In terms of price and flexibility, IP telephony just makes more sense. ViaTalk is practically giving away their IP phone service. They are offering one year free!

VoIP - Why Pay More?

The one thing that we cannot let happen is to let the cable companies monopolize the VoIP market. Does anybody remember what happened with AT&T? They monopolized the market, started charging enormous fees for relatively cheap service, and put all the little bells out of business. To top that off, the government stepped in and made them a regulated monopoly. What does that mean? It means the government gets a cut of the billions of dollars. They made billions of dollars by taking advantage of the monopoly that they created. We cannot let the same thing happen to digital telephone.

Before I switched to a VoIP plan, I was paying an average of fifty dollars a month for a land line. My last ViaTalk bill was twenty-two dollars and some change. That includes two lines and an 800 number. The cable company in my area wants to charge me $29.99 for digital phone with half the bells and whistles that the other VoIP companies offer for free. But I can get the other features from the cable company for an additional fee. See it is starting already.

The cable companies have a huge subscriber base so they think they can charge you more money. It makes no sense to pay what they want you to when there are other options available. You owe it to yourself to look into the smaller VoIP companies and not let one company create a monopoly. It is time for a VoIP Revolution!

VoIP - The Next Step

The big VoIP picture has changed considerably in the last few years. The easy availability of broadband access to the Internet, coupled with massive advancements in technology, makes VoIP service a viable alternative to traditional telephone. There is the one stipulation; you do need a broadband Internet connection to use the VoIP service. US broadband penetration among active Internet users has grown to 73.1% so if a person already has a broadband Internet connection, there should be no reason to pay the higher fees for a traditional landline phone service. The days of the traditional phone company seem to be numbered.

VoIP is slowly transforming the global communications environment. Instead of two separate notions of a global network (one for voice calling and one for Internet Protocol); a single converged network is arising, carrying both voice and data with the same networking protocol, IP. Progressively, corporations and household phone subscribers are switching their voice services from the old voice backbone to the new one, and next-generation, IP-based phone companies have rushed in to help them make the move.

The first generation of VoIP products and services ultimately failed because the technology was way ahead of itself. It started in an era of dial-up connections and VoIP needed more speed. Today's VoIP services offer several features and options not possible a few years ago. The voice quality is also much better, largely due to the delivery speed differences in high-speed Internet access versus dial-up service. VoIP service providers now have cost-efficient plans tailored to the needs of businesses and residential users. VoIP is on the way to mainstream.


Recommended VoIP Service Providers:


Compare the Top VoIP Service Providers for Home Use
Phone Power has a great deal going on right now. They are offering their unlimited VoIP calling plan for $8.83 a month for a two year calling plan that gets you the second year free! For a limited time they are waiving the $15 activation fee for all online orders. Even the $14.95 per month fee is a lot less than any phone or cable company deal. There are no hidden charges or contracts to bind you to their service. They offer free equipment and stellar installation instructions. If you can plug your computer into the Internet, you can install the Phone Power digital phone service. PhonePower offers VoIP service for your home or business. See our review of the Phone Power VoIP service. Phone Power VoIP Service with Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/month  
ViaTalk has many different business and residential VoIP phone service plans available. ViaTalk has digital phone service starting as low as $9.95 a month. At this time, they are offering one year of free VoIP phone service. That plan offers unlimited calling in the United States and Canada for two phone lines. ViaTalk offers free equipment to get you started and stellar US based support. ViaTalk is a privately owned, multi-million dollar, debt-free corporation located in upstate New York . ViaTalk is a very cost effective and complete digital phone service. Review the ViaTalk VoIP services available. ViaTalk VoIP Phone Service Provider 
Rebtel offers cheap international and long distance phone calls from your landline, cell phone, Smart Phone or any kind of phone. Rebtel gives you a way to make international calls at low rates by getting your call away from your telephone network and onto the Internet. From there they can connect to any phone in the world, for next to nothing. It is also possible to call other Rebtel customers free with apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Computer. This service gives you local numbers for your international contacts, which you call as normal. You pay your phone operator for a local call, and pay Rebtel a small fee on top of that for the international part of the call. Learn more about the Rebtel Internet phone service provider. Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls  
Affordable VoIP Phone Systems for Business Use
RingCentral Office is a complete VoIP business hosted phone system for small businesses.  The plans RingCentral offers include everything you need to enhance your business presence.  Pre-configured VoIP phones, toll free or local numbers and unlimited calling and faxing are just some of the benefits.  The plans start at $19.99 per month and you can add RingCentral Professional to keep you connected to your office all times, wherever you work.  Add RingCentral Fax for an affordable Internet fax service for businesses and mobile professionals.  Read more about the benefits of RingCentral Office VoIP.

Call for more information about RingCentral Office: 877-801-4188

Call Now: 877-801-4188 

The Nextiva VoIP Business Phone Service - If you are looking to upgrade your old PBX business phone system, the Nextiva Connect 360 digital phone solution is one that is definitely worth looking into.  The Nextiva VoIP business phone service has calling plans starting as low as $8.95 per month. If you are just a small business, chances are it won’t be small for long.  The Nextiva Connect 360 can handle your growth and it is quite affordable.  So drop your local phone company like a bad habit.  All they do is charge you more money for the same features you get free from Nextiva.  See our Review of the Nextiva VoIP business phone solutions.

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Phone.com offers affordable VoIP phone services for small business. The next-generation Internet phone service is based on award-winning, innovative VoIP technology and all the services are supported by a 24*7 customer support team. For small business and home businesses (SOHO), Phone.com offers a Virtual Office solution that lets you get a local or toll-free 800 numbers (including vanity numbers) for your business and manage them however you want. In addition to 1 800 numbers, the virtual office service includes custom greetings, auto attendant, voicemail, Internet fax receiving, call transfer and many more features you would expect from very expensive business phone system, all available from Phone.com at a very affordable cost. Read More about the Phone.com VoIP business solution.  Save 10% Off Your New Virtual Phone Service!  


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