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SpeedUpMyPC has released their newest version of the Microsoft Certified computer optimization utility.  Speed Up My PC combines a wide range of specialized level tools that exclusively target computer system performance optimization, tools to protect your privacy and hard disk cleaning that only Uniblue can provide.  This utility is part of the Uniblue PowerSuite computer optimization program.

This review is from a slightly older version however the newest version has most of the same features with a slight change in the interface.

SpeedUpMyPC 2016 has improved graphics and the utility is trusted everywhere to deliver improved computer performance.  SpeedUpMyPC scans your PC thoroughly and identifies computer performance enhancements.

The older version of the optimization program never failed to speed up a computer so we just had to put the newest version to the test.  For this review of SpeedUpMyPC, the computer is running pretty fast as it is but this utility promises to get the most out of a computer so we put he claims to the test.  The computer is loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate and has an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU running at 1.86GHz with one Gigabyte of memory.  Lets see how much more speed we can get out of this computer.  

This is a screenshot of the SpeedUpMyPC System Information Screen.

The SpeedUpMyPC System Information Screen

The Windows Task Manager shows that this computer is using 365 MB of memory, running 51 processes and the page file size is 534 Megabytes.  The boot time of this computer from a cold start to a usable desktop before running SpeedUpMyPC is one minute and ten seconds.

The Windows Task Manager before running SpeedUpMyPC

When you download the SpeedUpMyPC computer optimization program to do a free scan, you first have to install it like any other program.  Here is the InstallAware Wizard that is the next generation of the Windows Installer program that we are all used to when installing programs.

When installation was done, I just clicked finish to run SpeedUpMyPC and this is the startup screen that welcomes you.

The Startup Welcome Screen

I wanted to see what the tool was going to find wrong with this computer so I clicked the Start Scan button to start optimizing this computer.

The SpeedUpMyPC utility found Junk Files, Privacy Files, Network Tweaks and Startup Tweaks to optimize the computer to its best performance level.  Knowing that the SpeedUpMyPC program is a trusted Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, I chose to optimize all and smacked the Optimize All button.

SpeedUpMyPC Scan Results

It was a successful optimization so I clicked on the cleanup tab and started the scan.

Junk File Cleanup Screen

Once the cleanup was complete the next tab to check out is the Optimization tab.  This is where you can optimize all of the tweaking capabilities of the SpeedUpMyPC optimization program.  Here is where you can see the optimization performed on the individual computer components.  Each tap allows you to perform optimizations or view the optimizations that were already performed.

The SpeedUpMyPC Optimization Tab

This next screen is the all important recovery screen.  This allows you to undo any or all of the changes that the SpeedUpMyPC utility performed if you so deem necessary. 

The Recovery Center Screen

The last tab is the Settings tab that allows you to control the utility to your liking.  It allows you to start SpeedUpMyPC every time the computer starts, check for updates, etc.

Now the Overview tab shows that the system is now optimized.  Lets see how much improvement the Speed Up My PC computer optimization program actually did for this computer. 

The Overview Tab Shows The Computer is Optimized

The Windows Task Manager always tells a story after performing a computer optimization.  Before running the SpeedUpMyPC optimization program, this computer was using 365 Megabytes of physical memory.  After running the utility, it was only using 343 Megabytes of physical memory so the program freed up 22 Megabytes of memory – an improvement!  The boot-time of the computer decreased an even 15 seconds which is also quite an improvement.

The Windows Task Manager after Running SpeedUpMyPC

Granted that this computer is a fast computer with not too many problems to begin with, Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC still optimized it to its peak performance.  If you have a computer that has been abused to a point that it is noticeably slower, this utility will speed it up drastically.   The Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC computer optimization utility did what it claims to be able to do, it increased the speed and performance the computer.  For that reason, SpeedUpMyPC gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes.  It is a recommended computer optimization utility to have in your toolbox. 

Keep the megabytes and gigabytes running fast on your computer with the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2016 utility. This byte management utility does just what it says it can do. It speeds up your PC. Disk clutter, RAM, CPU and your system settings are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. Try a Free Scan to see how much you can optimize your PC. See another Review of SpeedUpMyPC.

Try a Free Scan

A computer needs to be cleaned up in more ways than the average person has time for.  The file system needs to optimized at regular intervals.  The hard drive needs defragmenting.  The registry needs to be defragged and optimized.  Outdated system device drivers can slow your PC to a crawl.  The UniBlue PowerSuite combines SpeedUpMyPC, MaxiDisk and DriverScanner all for one low price in one easy to use package to keep your computer running at its peak performance.  If your computer does not seem to be running at its peak performance, see the Review of the UniBlue PowerSuite. 

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