Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/mo.

Phone Power VoIP Service


Phone Power VoIP rates that you can find. Phone Power offers plans that start as low as $8.83 a month. That plan is available as a two year pre-paid plan with the second year being free! The service is stellar and the digital voice quality is crystal clear. Phone Power digital phone service is just one of many companies that offer VoIP service cheaper than the cable and phone companies do. Phone Power is now offering 60 minutes of free international calling to 88 countries every month, including major calling destinations like Mexico, China, India, and most of Europe.

Why is that? The larger cable and phone companies charge as much as three times more because they can. The worst part of it all is that people actually pay the price for less features than they can get using a service like Phone Power. The larger companies actually charge extra for the same features that you automatically get with a smaller company. There is absolutely no reason to pay a higher price for a digital phone service.

The VoIP phone services all utilize the Internet to make and receive phone calls, the same Internet that most people in today's society have their computer connected to. You are already paying for your high-speed Internet connection so it makes no sense to pay an outrageous fee for a digital phone service. If people continue to pay the larger companies high price for VoIP services, the price will naturally continue to rise. We need a VoIP Uprising to keep the Digital Phone Service prices affordable.

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Phone Power offers virtually unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and Canada with full VoIP features including:

Try one of the Phone Power promotional plans, starting at $8.83 per month for two years or $14.95 on a monthly basis.

The cable company in my area actually charges extra for a simple feature like voicemail.

Voicemail is included with any of the packages offered by Phone Power. Why does the cable company charge extra? Because they can and people do pay for the added service. Again, this makes no sense. Phone Power offers unlimited local and long distance Digital Telephone service with the following features for a simple flat monthly rate. Here are the features that are included with the PhonePower digital phone service.

Features of the Phone Power VoIP Service Plan

There is quite a difference in price and it only comes with three popular calling features. Phone Power comes with 26 popular calling features at no extra charge. Why pay more?

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