Lingo Smart Talk VoIP Service Provider


Lingo Smart Talk Internet broadband phone service is a unique VoIP solution. Lingo offers unlimited calling to the US and Canada plus 70 other countries on your home phone or your cell phone. If your long distance bill has sharply increased from long distance calling to other countries, Lingo is for you. Lingo has the prestige of winning the Wired Magazine Editors choice among VoIP services. Their digital voice quality is crystal clear and their support is always there for you if support is ever needed.

If you are still using a landline for phone service, you are paying too much. Period. The Lingo VoIP phone service plan only costs $23.95 per month. Check your phone bill. How much are you overpaying? Lingo is also offering the first month free for a limited time. For that price, you can try it out and still keep your phone plan you have now. If for some reason you do not like the Lingo VoIP service, just cancel it.

Lingo has different plans available for the diverse user needs. Save $116.85 on Lingo Smart Talk.  Savings include; First Month Free, Free Activation, Free Shipping and Free Equipment!

Lingo VoIP service also offers all the free equipment that you need to set up your digital phone service. No need to worry about setting up your new Lingo VoIP phone service because the setup is a breeze even for the less technical people. It is a very simple installation. Here is how it works.

How Lingo Works

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