Creating a Bootable CD using Acronis True Image


A terrific feature that Acronis True Image has packed into the program is the ability to create a bootable CD. You are probably thinking that is not a big deal. The thing that differs the True Image bootable CD from an ordinary bootable CD is that Acronis allows you to put the entire True Image program on the bootable CD. Can you imagine the possibilities? This is a review of the Acronis True Image process of creating a CD.

This is a review of the process using an older version of the program. We were going to do a new review but figured who uses CDs anymore so we used the newer version to review how to create a bootable usb flash drive is available using True Image. See the review here.

This review is from a slightly older version however the newest version has most of the same features with a slight change in the interface. See the newest review of True Image 2017 here.

What good would the Acronis True Image application be if it was sitting on your hosed hard drive? If you were to totally hose your Operating System, you could just pop the bootable CD in and run True Image from the CD to restore the image that you made in the last review. You did keep the image in a safe place didn’t you? Creating the bootable CD is just as easy as creating an image or restoring an image. Here is a quick tutorial about how to make a bootable CD with the Acronis True Image program installed on the CD.

Open up the True Image application and choose to Create Bootable Rescue Media.

Create Bootable Rescue Media

The next screen you will see is the welcome screen that welcomes you to the Acronis Media Builder. Click next.

The Acronis Media Builder

The next screen is the Rescue Media Contents Selection. Here you have a choice about whether to install the Full Version of True Image or the safe version. Choose the Full version, which includes drivers for USB and SCSI disks.

Rescue Media Contents Selection

The next screen you will see is the Bootable Media Selection. For this tutorial you would choose the CD-RW drive to make a bootable CD.

Bootable Media Selection

The next screen simply shows you what the media builder is going to do. Check this screen over to make sure it is what you want to do and click the proceed button.

Ready to Create the Bootable Media

A few seconds later, the bootable CD is complete. You should test it to make sure that it will work in an emergency. Do not wait until you need it to try it. I have never had one fail but you never know. The Acronis True Image program makes disk management so easy. I wish there were programs like this one back in the day…

This is what you will see when you boot your computer with the Acronis True Image bootable CD. You could boot to Windows or run the True Image program.

The Bootable CD in Action

This next screenshot is the full program running from the bootable CD.

Acronis True Image Running From the CD

With the Acronis program on CD, you could just follow the restore tutorial to restore the original image to a drive right from the CD. So if your hard drive were to totally crash, you could just buy another one and put your good image on the new drive without having to reload the Operating System. Maybe you are just running out of disk space and want to upgrade your hard drive without installing Windows again. The restore CD will work great for that purpose too! Acronis True Image is truly a life saver.

On a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes, the Acronis True Image Media Builder process gets a Brontobyte. It is the simplest boot CD I have ever made.

Acronis True Image 2017 has been released and it is optimized for Windows 10 and the most recent Mac OS X versions. This version is between 3 times to 6 times faster than the competition. Through the years, True Image has been making it easier and easier to keep your data safe by backing it up. The 2017 version has simplified the process even more. 2 clicks is all it takes to do a full image backup of your entire computer. This version combines the features of the previous versions which includes dynamic disk support and Universal Restore allowing you to restore data to a different PC even if it has different hardware. Wi-Fi support has also been added when backing up to the Acronis Cloud even to a bare-metal PC. It easily backs up Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Facebook. Gotta keep up with the times. See our full review of Acronis True Image.

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