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The Byte Converter app is a fairly simple application that allows Android™ and iPhone/iPod Touch users to convert storage units from their phones and devices. Similar to the online Byte Converter, it converts Megabytes, Gigabytes and Terabytes with a click of a button. The app goes a bit further in conversion units as it converts anything from bits to Geopbytes making it a handy utility to have in the palm of your hand. The Byte Converter App also has the capability of converting to either disk storage or virtual storage. It also has all of the explanations of the units it is capable of converting on the info screen.

Here are a couple screenshots of the app showing the different fields from bits to Geopbytes.

Bits to Terabytes Fields Exabyte to Geopbyte fields

If you wanted to see how many Gigabytes are in 10 Terabytes, simply enter 10 in the Terabyte field and tap the button to see that there are 10,240 gigabytes in a Terabyte.

10 Terabytes converted into the other available storage units The information screen with definitions of the storage units

Get the Byte Converter App for Android on Google Play here.

Get the Byte Converter on Google Play spacerGoogle Play QR Code

Get the Byte Converter app for the iPhone/iPod Touch here.

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There should be no problem with the functionality of the app, however if a problem should occur, drop us an email at and we will figure out the problem. Enjoy the app!

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