Why Make the Switch to VoIP


Eventually, everyone will be using VoIP technology in one form or another to make and receive phone calls. The technology is readily available and so much cheaper to use and maintain than the traditional phone services. There will be no reason to use a phone line once everybody is connected to the Internet. Digital phone service will become the cheapest and most convenient way to communicate with anyone on the planet making the maintenance of the existing telephone infrastructure unaffordable to maintain. There are presently many Internet phone service providers to choose from but that may change of the larger conglomerates hone in on the digital phone service.

VoIP is a cheap alternative to Land Lines

We need to keep it that way. If the large companies take over the digital phone service market, we will be paying very high phone bills for generations to come. We cannot let this happen. The only way to keep the Internet phone service at a low price is to drive competition to the market by using some of our recommended VoIP service providers. Competition will keep the prices of digital phone service lower, or at least keep the monthly VoIP service plan prices in check.

Save Money on Phone Calls from Home

It seems that most people are looking for ways to save money and shave their monthly budget. Switching to a VoIP phone service can literally slash your monthly phone bill in half. The phone quality will be the same as you are used to and you will save money in the process. If you like the phone system you are using at home, a digital phone service will allow you to keep your existing phone so the only way you know that you are using a VoIP service is when you are paying your monthly bills. The caveat to using an Internet phone service is that you need to have a broadband Internet connection that the majority of people already have. A digital phone will not interfere with your Internet connection when making or receiving phone calls.

Save Money on Phone Calls for your Business

If you are running a business of any size, you already know how vital it is to cut as many costs possible to add more to the bottom line. Switching to a VoIP phone service is one way to cut some costs. Most VoIP services for business will lower your costs on a hosted PBX or call center solutions. You can usually keep your existing equipment but pay a lot less for the service each month. Perhaps you are just starting out working from home as a small business and need a small business phone line for your home; Internet Phone Service is the solution.

If you are not quite sure about which VoIP system is right for your business, there are a couple free guides available to help you out.  A Buyers Guide and a comprehensive VoIP comparison guide are available to help you make the switch and to save some money when you decide.  See and compare how other companies, large and small, are successfully using VoIP phones for their office telephone system without having to sacrifice features, spend time researching or evaluating vendors. Get your Free Guides Now.

The bottom line about a VoIP service is that it will save you money without compromising quality of voice or support services. You will also get a magnitude of extra features with your digital phone package that will cost you nothing. Most of the free services a VoIP service provider provides free, you pay extra for with the phone plan you are using now. You owe it to yourself and your monthly budget to check out one of our recommended Internet Phone Service Providers.

Recommended VoIP Service Providers:

Phone Power has a great deal going on right now. They are offering their unlimited VoIP calling plan for $14.95 a month! More Details.

The Nextiva VoIP Business Phone Service - If you are looking to upgrade your old PBX business phone system, the Nextiva Connect 360 digital phone solution is one that is definitely worth looking into.  The Nextiva VoIP business phone service has calling plans starting as low as $8.95 per month. If you are just a small business, chances are it won’t be small for long.  The Nextiva Connect 360 can handle your growth and it is quite affordable.  So drop your local phone company like a bad habit.  All they do is charge you more money for the same features you get free from Nextiva.  See our Review of the Nextiva VoIP business phone solutions. Call for more information about Nextiva: 877-708-4146

RingCentral Office is a complete VoIP business hosted phone system for small businesses.  The plans RingCentral offers include everything you need to enhance your business presence.  Pre-configured VoIP phones, toll free or local numbers and unlimited calling and faxing are just some of the benefits.  The plans start at $19.99 per month and you can add RingCentral Professional to keep you connected to your office all times, wherever you work.  Add RingCentral Fax for an affordable Internet fax service for businesses and mobile professionals.  Read more about the benefits of RingCentral Office VoIP. Or call for more information about RingCentral Office: 877-801-4188

Rebtel offers cheap international and long distance phone calls from your landline, cell phone, Smart Phone or any kind of phone. Rebtel gives you a way to make international calls at low rates by getting your call away from your telephone network and onto the Internet. From there they can connect to any phone in the world, for next to nothing. It is also possible to call other Rebtel customers free with apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Computer. This service gives you local numbers for your international contacts, which you call as normal. You pay your phone operator for a local call, and pay Rebtel a small fee on top of that for the international part of the call. Learn more about the Rebtel Internet phone service provider.

ViaTalk provides the most cost effective , complete VoIP broadband phone service package available to United States residential and business customers. More Details.

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