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Review of the Uniblue PowerSuite


The newest version of the Uniblue PowerSuite includes all of the tools needed for total PC optimization. Speed Tools, System Optimization and Disk Optimization are the three keys to keeping a computer system running smooth and reliable.  This computer seemed to be running okay but I wanted to see if I could get more speed out of it.  The boot time of this PC is 50 seconds from a cold start to a usable desktop before starting the review.

The focus of this review of the Uniblue Powersuite is the ease of use aspect of the program.

After downloading and installing the PowerSuite, I was nicely greeted with the following screen congratulating me for installing PowerSuite. The only choice at that point is to start a full scan.  So naturally I smacked the Start Full Scan Button.

Powersuite Installation is Complete

Here is what the program looks like in action.

PowerSuite in Action

Once the scan was complete, I was told that my PC’s optimization level is Moderate and if it is not optimized, it may suffer from reduced performance and longer bootup and shutdown times.  PowerSuite can fix these problems with the three buttons to click. Knowing that Uniblue is a Microsoft Partner Gold Independent Software Vendor, I had no problem proceeding to the next steps. 

The first and most logical button to click is the Start Speed Tools button.  Speed Tools includes a CPU Manager, Software Launch Booster, a Startup Menu Software Accelerator and a Proactive Thumbnail Generator.  Let’s see what happens.

The PC Optimization Level is Moderate

After clicking on the Start Speed Tools button, the System Optimization Optimize button and the Disk Optimization button, it showed that this PC’s optimization level is high and that it is optimized for speed and responsiveness. It seems there is more to optimize.  The exclamation points on the bottom say that PowerSuite also allows you to defragment the registry, remove old backups and compress large files to gain disk space.

The PC Optimization Level is now High

Clicking on the Remove Old Backups link showed that 58 unneeded files were taking up 1.64 Gigabytes.  The compress old files screen showed 4.96 Gigabytes that could be compressed.  Free space is good so I deleted and compressed as the PowerSuite recommended.  I also defragmented the registry as recommended which required a reboot to complete.

Remove Old Backups and Windows Restore Points

One other part of the Powersuite that is worthy of exploring is the settings screen.  The General settings allow you to choose from 13 different languages and start the speed tools automatically on start-up.  The Scheduler tab allows you to Disable the Scheduler, Schedule a full system scan at intervals you can choose and schedule different scans and you can also schedule different scans for the system and the disk at different intervals.  Then there is the all important Undo tab that allows you to revert changes done to the system just in case.  System Tweak changes, Unused Process changes, Invalid Registry Entries and the Driver Updates can all be undone with a click of a button.

The Settings Screen of Powersuite

Once all recommended optimizations were finished, the computer booted up in 35 seconds – a full 15 seconds faster than before running the Uniblue PowerSuite!  Opening applications seemed faster and the computer just felt faster in general.

This entire review of the Powersuite took about 45 minutes to complete.  Of course the optimization process would have been quicker if it wasn’t for typing and taking screenshots.  That is pretty quick considering all of the optimizations that were performed.  Uniblue products have always received a Brontobyte on a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes and Powersuite is no exception.  This is a recommended product for the never ending pursuit for computer optimization and stability. 

SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner and MaxiDisk can still be purchased separately but those programs combined make one heck of a PowerSuite of performance enhancement tools.  The PowerSuite saves you money too.  Individually the programs are $29.95 the suite is only $59.95 – a no brainer.

The Uniblue Powersuite 2016 has been released with a brand new, easy to use interface and all the utilities needed to keep your PC running at its peak performance.  Powersuite combines a wide range of optimization tools in one powerful suite.  If your computer does not seem to be running at its peak performance, see the UniBlue Powersuite Review. 

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PC Mechanic 2016 is the newest Uniblue tool to optimize your PC to bring that new PC feeling back and keep it there. Fix. Clean. Boost. That is its claim. PC Mechanic scans the computer settings, files and processes to identify problems that may be slowing it down. It then uses its powerful range of tools to fix a wide range of problems. It finds and fixes Registry errors that cause slowdowns and crashes, frees up system resources to increase speed and reliability and removes the cluttered junk files that build up on a computer. Fix. Clean. Boost. Try a Free Scan!

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Keep the megabytes and gigabytes running fast on your computer with the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2016 utility. This byte management utility does just what it says it can do. It speeds up your PC. Disk clutter, RAM, CPU and your system settings are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. The major functions of RegistryBooster have now been combined within the SpeedUpMyPC optimization software to create a very powerful application to keep your computer up to speed.  Try a Free Scan to see how much you can optimize your PC. See our review of SpeedUpMyPC.

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The Uniblue DriverScanner is a utility that scans your computer to see if you have all of the latest driver upgrades.  Upgrading drivers can be a tedious task.  DriverScanner makes it easy.  Your system may not be running at its peak performance level if you have old or outdated drivers and updating them on your own could be a computer crashing experience if you are not careful.  DriverScanner 2016 scans, downloads and installs all of the newest drivers that your PC may need to keep operating at its optimal performance.  Try a Free Driver scan to see if you need any driver updates. See our Review of DriverScanner.

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RegistryCleanerKit performs registry edits that keep computers running stable and responsive.  The Windows registry is a terrible thing to clutter but it does get cluttered.  The registry “remembers” things but has no way of “forgetting” without the help of third party software like Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit.  The unnecessary entries are computer crashes just waiting to happen if not cleaned out periodically.  Registry Errors?  Computer running slow? Try a free scan with RegistryCleanerKit to see what it can do for your system performance. 

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