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System Mechanic is loaded with all of the utilities a computer needs to keep running like new.   Over time, a computer system may get overloaded with everything that you do.  It remembers everything; every mouse click, every Internet site visited, every program installed or uninstalled – everything.  All of those memories tend to slow down the performance of your computer. System Mechanic resolves that by cleaning out every aspect of the clutter that builds up in your system. 

System Mechanic 16 has just been released with hundreds of new features and enhancements to give your computer the speed, intelligence and power that it needs to stay running at its optimal performance. The biggest new feature is the revolutionary AcceleWrite technology that optimizes data in real time for outstanding improvements in system response.

System Mechanic 16 is released and it has some new and improved features to deliver the most effective PC performance available: countless more innovative enhancements exclusive to System Mechanic version 14!

The computer optimization utility cleans out file clutter from poorly uninstalled programs, speeding up access to the more important files.  It cleans the registry of unneeded entries to boost registry performance.  System Mechanic cleans up Internet files that slow your Internet access down to a crawl.  The Bottom line is it keeps your computer running like new.

We have already done a comprehensive review of System Mechanic here. Since that review we have gathered up a few video reviews of System Mechanic 16 for you viewing pleasure.  These reviews also serve as great tutorials on how to use the computer optimization utility. 

Analyze and Repair PC Errors

System Mechanic can analyze your computer and then run the specific repairs and optimizations that may be needed to keep your computer fully optimized and running like new. This video shows how System Mechanic analyzes your PC and then automatically runs the specific repairs and optimizations that are needed.

Energize your Registry with Total Registry Revitalizer

The Total Registry Revitalizer is an all-in-one registry tool that keeps the computer registry clean, protected and organized.  Watch the video review to see how easy it is to keep your PC’s most critical component running smooth.

Reclaim Valuable System Memory with Memory Mechanic

Memory Mechanic defragments your computer’s memory, which improves PC efficiency, stability and speed.  This video shows how to defragment memory with Memory Mechanic. Reclaim valuable memory and improve PC efficiency, stability, and speed.

Optimize Windows Startup

This tool available with System Mechanic removes unneeded items from your computer’s startup process to significantly boost startup times.  Watch how to clean and optimize the Windows startup process.

EnergyBooster to Streamline PC Processing

EnergyBooster is a new performance tool in System Mechanic that gives your computer an instant boost in speed by turning off unused background processes that are not needed and slow down your PC.  Watch the video review of EnergyBooster.

Iolo Technologies offers three versions of the computer optimization utility; System Mechanic 16 and System Mechanic 16 Professional to keep all of the computers running at their best with very little work on your part.  

System Mechanic now offers a service called Whole Home Licensing.  While some software companies only allow you to install their products on up to 3 PCs, such restrictions can seem arbitrary and outdated for today's multi-PC households.

With iolo's industry-first Whole Home Licensing, System Mechanic breaks through the 3-PC restriction to help you fix and speed up each and every one of your household PCs.

This innovative new feature makes it easy for you to continue benefiting from System Mechanic's comprehensive array of performance-tuning services—now delivered with even more value than ever before!

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System Mechanic Professional 15 combines several potent products to speed up and secure your computer, offering total computer care in a single package that includes every utility your PC will need to keep it secure and running at an optimized level. Included is a full version of System Mechanic, the world's best selling computer optimization software. Data security features include full antivirus and firewall protection, true data recovery to restore lost or deleted files, and military-standard drive scrubbing.  Read more about System Mechanic Professional. Save $30 on System Mechanic 16 Professional, Now Only $39.95 with Coupon Code: SPRING14

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The tools included in the System Mechanic 16 computer optimization program will allow you to enjoy that “New Computer” feeling again.  This utility automatically repairs errors and fragmentation, cleans out clutter, and tunes up your computer so that it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster!  The iolo Technologies System Mechanic repairs Windows Registry errors and hard drive problems with ActiveCare Technology. See our Review of System Mechanic. Save 50% on the new System Mechanic 16, only $24.95 with Coupon Code: TEN8  

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