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SugarSync offers a variety of online backup plans to fit every users needs to backup, share and access data.  The plans all come with a free trial so you can decide if SugarSync is right for you.  For the purpose of this review of the SugarSync online backup service, I will just try the free two Gigabyte plan to see if it works.  You can always upgrade or change plans in the future.

Once you click the Sign Up button, you will be presented with the following screen.  All you need is an email address, password and a username to continue.

The SugarSync Sign Up Screen

On the next screen you are prompted to install the SugarSync Manager. To get started, you will need to download SugarSync Manager. It is a lightweight application required to back up, access, and share your files. SugarSync Manager is spyware-free and adware-free, guaranteed.

Download the SugarSync Manager

After clicking the download button, choose to run the program and install as you would any other software.  The setup was a snap and upon completion, the following screen appears giving you the choice to run SugarSync.  I smacked the Finish button.

SugarSync has been Installed

The next screen allows you to name the computer and pick an icon to distinguish it from other computers you may use to access the SugarSync Online Backup Manager.  You can use multiple computers to access your SugarSync account. 

Enter a Computer Name and Pick an Icon for this Computer

The next screenshot is the SugarSync Setup screen this is where you select files to back up.  The folders you select will be backed up to SugarSync.  After they are backed up, they will be available for remote access through any web browser on any computer.  You can also access your data through your mobile devices.  If you install the SugarSync Manager on other computers, you will also be able to synchronize your Sync Folders with those computers.

The SugarSync Setup Screen

You can add folders to the SugarSync sync folders.  Start by selecting folders to sync to your account.  The sync folders are backed up and made available for remote access and sharing.  The folders can even be synchronized to other computers.  You can install SugarSync manager on other computers to sync additional folders.  Once installed, you can set up Sync Folders to automatically synchronize across multiple computers in your account.

SugarSync Manage Folders

For the purpose of this review of SugarSync, I chose to backup a folder called WWW which is about 93 Megabytes of data.

Select Folders to add

Once the folders are added, just click OK to start the initial backup or synchronization. 

Folders were Added to the SugarSync Manager

At this point you may be wondering what the Magic Briefcase is.  I was curious too.  It is a folder that is automatically created under your documents folder that is pre-configured to replicate file changes on all computers that you install the SugarSync Manager on.  To be sure that changes to a file are propagated to all of your computers, simply move that file into the Magic Briefcase to keep it in sync. 

Once the backup is complete, it would be easy to restore files if your computer were to crash.  You would simply install the SugarSync manager on another computer and simply click Sync Files to download the files from your SugarSync cloud. 

Restore Files with SugarSync

If you were to accidentally delete a file or folder from your computer and need to restore it, SugarSync makes that simple too.  All you need to do is go out to your previously designated site or “My SugarSync” and download the file or folder that you need to restore.  You can access My SugarSync through the SugarSync Manager or by going to the web address that is sent to you when your account gets created.  That web address allows you to access your files from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  You can even access the files from your mobile phone.

My Sugarsync on the Web

SugarSync is so much more than just an online backup solution.  It allows you to share files with anyone you choose, you can access your files anywhere, create photo galleries and even stream your favorite music collection. 

SugarSync has improved the "Share Folder" functionality to allow easier collaboration with others. Now, invited members of shared folders can sync the folder directly to their computer. This means that shared folder members will automatically get all updates to shared documents – without having to manually download the files from the My SugarSync website. In addition, they can make edits to the shared documents directly on their computers and the changes will be automatically synced to the other folder members' computers. It will even work with folders that were shared with you in the past, and will make the data easier to access since it will be on your computer.

SugarSync Folder and File Sharing

One of the perks of having a SugarSync account is that you can easily share files and folders with anyone you want. Whether you want to share one file, or an entire folder, the process is easy and only takes a few simple clicks! With SugarSync you can:
Share Public Links: Create a public link for any file and share it through any social media platform. Recipients don't have to register to download the file!

SugarSync automatically synchronizes any photos you take on your mobile phone right to your computer.  No thinking or effort is required. No wires are needed. And you don't even have to remember to open a special app to make it happen – you can just use the good 'ol camera on your mobile device. And it just works.

SugarSync released a new Mobile Device Management feature. This feature gives users the ability to view and control their data on their iOS mobile devices from within the SugarSync Web console. Other mobile platforms will be rolled out in the future.

Now users with iOS devices can transfer files or entire folders to their iPhone or iPad from the web, view all synced data on their device from the web, and easily refresh files or entire folders on their iPhone or iPad with a single click.

SugarSync is a sweet application to use if you want to backup, share and access your data online.  SugarSync definitely gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale of bytes to Brontobytes.  This online backup solution is very intuitive and easy to use with bonus features to make it a very attractive online backup solution for any user. Get a 30 Day Trial Of Free Cloud Storage, At Your Fingertips -- Get Your SugarSync Account Today!

There are many improvements to the online backup product that makes SugarSync just a bit sweeter.  It has a completely reinvented desktop, web and mobile applications that combine rich features with a simple and easy to use design.

SugarSync has added powerful features such as multi-device search and the industry’s only “virtual drive” that literally builds the cloud right into your desktop. It makes sharing even easier allowing you to share large files and folders privately and securely with a few people, or share them broadly with public links. Choose whether to let recipients edit your files, or limit them to view-only access.

A new feature called the SugarSync Drive allows you to access all of you synced content with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You can simply drag any folder from your computer to sync it with SugarSync. Once synced, you can access your files from other computers, mobile devices, or any browser.

SugarSync takes the online backup solution to a new level.  SugarSync is one of the first cloud backup solutions that allow you to backup, sync and share files across an unlimited number of computers. That means you can access, edit and share any of your files from any PC – and whatever changes you make will automatically replicate across all your computers. You can store documents, photos, music, video files – and once you are synced, you can access them from any web browser or smart phone. You can even share photo albums and stream entire music collections directly from the Internet. SugarSync offers a 30-Day Trial as well.

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The SugarSync Business Online Backup solution gives your business all of the data protection, file sharing and collaboration capabilities that your business needs to keep data safe, secure and accessible to members of the team.  SugarSync for business has added powerful administrative tools to reduce IT expenses and increase productivity.  For instance, let’s say that Sue is in New York and Jim is in California.  They both need access to the same document to make some last minute changes before a presentation.  Not a problem with SugarSync.  They can both make changes to the same document and it will sync so both users now have all of the information needed to be a success.  Try a Free Trial of SugarSync for Business - Your First 30 Days are FREE!

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