The Skype Technology - What Is It?


The Skype VoIP technology allows you to talk to people via PC to PC, PC to Mobile, PC to Landline, any combination thereof and vice-versa.  The only service that is totally free is the PC to PC service.  All you have to do is install the software on both computers and talk away!  That is true Free VoIP or Voice over the Internet.  There is a small fee for some of the other services but that fee will still save you money compared to traditional telephony services.  Skype is not yet a viable replacement for a traditional or mobile phone but there are many features that can save you money on phone calls.

Skype, unlike other VoIP service providers, is not intentioned to be a replacement for your landline phone system.  Skype is an alternative to using cell phones or landline based phone systems.  It is a great service if you make many long distance calls to family or friends because you can do this free with Skype using true VoIP technology.  Skype is true Voice over the Internet using your computer.  There are many different variations of the Skype technology, some are free, and some cost a small fee.  Either way it is still a cheaper way to stay connected with family, friends and business contacts. 

SkypeIn Technology

The SkypeIn technology is basically an online phone number where people that do not use Skype can call you anyway.  They do not need the service to call you from their regular or mobile phone.  You purchase the online number, which is available in about twenty countries, give the number to your family and friends and they can reach you no matter where you are.  Your personal online number uses VoIP to route the call saving them money and, once you purchase the number; the calls are no cost to you.  This feature also comes with voicemail so you never miss a call.

SkypeOut Technology

The SkypeOut technology allows you to call both local, international, regular phones and mobile phones directly from Skype using the VoIP technology to route the calls at little or no expense to you.  You can get this service as a pay as you go plan or a monthly subscription.  You can even set up your online number or mobile phone number to appear on the caller’s caller ID so they know who is calling.

SkypePro Technology

SkypePro is a subscription bundle filled with all of the features you need to make the cheapest calls in one easy to use package.  You can call phones for free and make cheap international calls from you mobile phone.  Included is also a deal on SkypeIn and free voicemail.  This package is a real money saver.

Skype is Secure

Skype takes security seriously and they have taken a number of steps to develop software with the security threats of today and future security threats in mind.  One of their main security goals is to protect you from unauthorized eavesdropping and to stop the kind of impersonation that fraudsters often use over e-mail to trick users into giving up valuable personal information.  Skype issues every user of Skype a "digital certificate" that any user of Skype can present in order to establish the identity of the person placing or receiving a Skype call or chat making it almost impossible to break the Skype security protocols.

There are many other features available using the Skype technology.  Free calls, video calls and instant messaging over the using VoIP technology. Plus great value calls to phones anywhere in the world.   You can take advantage of the Skype Video calls, conference calls and with the recent addition of using Skype with your iPhone the possibilities are endless.  You can use Skype from any WiFi area to make free calls to anyone else that uses Skype. 

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