How to Remove PC SpeedScan Pro


Many people that have tried PC SpeedScan do not like it and cannot uninstall it after they tried the software.  If you tried it and it did not work, no problem, simply uninstall the Ascentive software.  Right?  Unfortunately they did not make the uninstall very easy.

It seems that there is a bit of a dilemma uninstalling PC SpeedScan Pro on the majority of computers.  If you are one of the unlucky users that have installed Ascentive software, the steps below seem to be the best way to remove PC SpeedScan Pro from your computer.

Removal Instructions for PC SpeedScan Pro

Step 1: Depending on your system, please do one of the following: Click on Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs OR Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

Step 2: Select the file that you want to remove and click the "Change/Remove" button. *This must be done 1 file at a time. These are the possible Ascentive programs that you may have: - ActiveSpeed - PC ScanAndSweep - PC SpeedScan Pro - Performance Center - SpywareStriker If you still see the program in your taskbar after you have followed the directions above and restarted your computer, please follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Click Start > Find (or Search) > Files or Folders.  Depending on your operating system, you may need to select "All files and folders"

Step 2: Type in the program name and hit the Enter key

Step 3: Right-click on each one and select Delete

Step 4: Restart your computer

If your Ascentive software is still running in the background, you may have trouble completing the uninstall process. Please follow the steps below and then continue to use the Add/Remove option:

1. Check the bottom right hand blue task bar and see if the icon of the software appears.

2. If the icon appears, highlight with your cursor and right click with your mouse.

3. When the window pop ups click exit then follow the Add/Remove option directions.

4. If you do not see this icon, then please click on the following link to use the PRODUCTNAME Installer to remove your software.
You know it’s bad when they have to make their own uninstaller!

5. Download this file

6. Click on Run

7. Click on Remove

8. Then Delete the icon from your Desktop by right-clicking Delete. For additional instructions on removing software from your system, please see the support page:

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