Uniblue RegistryBooster Review


The RegistryBooster utility has been discontinued but most of the functions that made this program so popular are now integrated within the SpeedUpMyPC computer optimization utility.

RegistryBooster claims to deep scan the registry to identify registry errors an problems that can affect the performance of the computer system.  Once the problems are identified, RegistryBooster repairs or removes the harmful registry errors to optimize the system for better performance. It also has a registry defragmenter to further boost performance.  Let’s see how it works.

Fixing and optimizing the registry is not to be taken lightly.  It can be disastrous to your computer without the right tool for the job.  RegistryBooster is made by Uniblue, which is a Microsoft partner with Gold competency.  To get that distinguished level of expertise, the company needs to have the highest level of competence and excellence, a successful record of accomplishment and top customer value.  Uniblue has earned this prestige and thus can be trusted with the task. 

RegistryBooster is part of the Uniblue, a Microsoft Certified Partner, PowerSuite.  It can also be purchased separately but I feel the PowerSuite is a better deal so I got the whole program to totally optimize this system.  Here is a screenshot of the Uniblue PowerSuite after running the initial scan.  The Registry has 338 errors and to fix them I need to launch the application so I did so.

PowerSuite showing the damage to the computer

After opening the registry utility, the following screen showed the detailed results of the scan.  There are three registry sections the program details; System Related Errors, User Related Errors and Third Party Related Errors.  Those sections can be expanded to see more details.  The first two sections reported a damage level of High so I obviously wanted to have no damage so I smacked the Fix Errors button.

istryBooster found 338 Errors in the registry 

The first thing RegistryBooster does before repairing the registry is backs it up.  This is a very important step and a nice feature of the program.  When it was almost finished, a pop up screen came up telling me that it has cleaned the registry successfully but some entries were not removed as they were found to be system locked.  I had the option to Ignore Blocked Files or Do Not Ignore.  Ignore the locked files seemed to be the obvious choice so I ignored them. 

Add locked files to the Ignore List

Here are the results:

The results of the registry cleanup

Uniblue RegistryBooster also has a powerful registry defrag program.  It says that to improve system performance, the registry should be defragmented regularly.  This shows that my registry has never been defragmented so I clicked on the Defrag Registry button.

Registry has never been defragmented

When it was done it told me that I should reboot the computer to finish the defrag so I did so.  Now RegistryBooster seems happy with the System Barometer being on Sunny instead of Cloudy and reporting no errors.  That is a good thing.

The RegistryBooster main interface showing the results

The Windows registry is nothing for the average person to mess with without a trusted program like RegistryBooster.  I do believe that it does need to be cleaned periodically to help keep a computer stable and running at its peak performance.   There are many programs out there that claim to do the job and I have tried many.  Few have lived up to their expectations and several have rendered the system useless. 

We have reviewed RegistryBooster through previous versions and it has never failed to do what it claims to do and has never harmed the PC.  For that reason, RegistryBooster gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes and is a recommended registry repair and optimization utility.

The Uniblue Powersuite 2016 is an essential suite of computer optimization utilities to increase performance and stability on even the newest computers.  The powerful suite combines MaxiDisk, a new version of SpeedUpMyPC 2016 that combines all of the functionality of RegistryBooster into one package and DriverScanner 2016 to complete all of the necessary tasks needed to keep your system running at its optimal performance level.  See how well it performs in the Review of the UniBlue Powersuite

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