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The RegistryBooster utility has been discontinued but most of the functions that made this program so popular are now integrated within the SpeedUpMyPC computer optimization utility.

The registry is the brain of Windows and it gets cluttered too easy with invalid registry keys that will slow your computer down to a crawl if not properly maintained.  This is where RegistryBooster comes in handy. 

With its advanced error detection technology, RegistryBooster searches your system to find all forms of registry damage before then giving you a detailed report on problems found. Sophisticated registry repair technology will then fix these PC problems to deliver improved computer stability and performance.  RegistryBooster offers a safe, simple and effective way to enjoy improved computer performance by fixing registry errors and defragmenting the registry.

In this review of RegistryBooster, we will explore some of the new features and see if it lives up to the expectations of users of the previous versions.  We have used and reviewed the previous versions of the Microsoft Gold Certified registry cleaner and have always found that it worked very well.  

One of the issues Uniblue has tried to improve is the download and installation time of RegistryBooster.  The download time of the program was very quick at a little less than 3 Megabytes and the installation was a snap. 

The installation of RegistryBooster was uneventful.  An improvement over the previous version where there were some problems with a combination of InstallAware and Microsoft .NET framework.  There were no problems so I launched the utility.

On startup, RegistryBooster automatically did a scan of the registry and found some errors.  The user related registry error section said that the damage level was High.  The damage level is an improvement in the new version that allows you to visually interpret how corrupt the registry may be.  RegistryBooster is free to use until this point.  In order to fix the errors, you would need to purchase the program to proceed with the registry cleanup.

RegistryBooster 2010 Found Errors

I smacked the Fix Errors button to get the following results.

Registry Cleanup Results

Now I can see that the damage level to the registry is non-existent which is a good thing. 

Damage Level is Low

To improve system performance, you should defrag the registry regularly.  RegistryBooster makes it easy.  Just click on the Defrag registry button to get things started. 

Registry has Never Been Defragged

The registry defragmentation was a very quick and painless process.  Some of the other features of RegistryBooster is the ability to restore the registry.  Whenever changes are made to the registry, RegistryBooster automatically creates a backup file which, if restored will return your computer to an earlier configuration.

Here are some of the system setting that can be set to change the way the program functions.  It is a good idea to launch RegistryBooster when Windows starts and automatically do a registry scan to fix any errors that may have occurred in your previous session.

RegistryBooster 2010 System Settings

This is the RegistryBooster Overview screen after all of the registry repairing has been done.  There are zero registry errors and the registry health of this computer is now High. 

Overview of System Status

This particular computer did not have many registry errors to begin with but as you can see by the reviews of the previous versions of the registry utility, the Uniblue RegistryBooster utility can and will maximize your system performance.  RegistryBooster is a recommended registry utility and very affordable at only $29.95.  RegistryBooste gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale from Bytes to Bronobytes!

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