Raxco Software PerfectDisk Professional Review


The PerfectDisk disk defrag utility is a thorough and easy to use program to keep your computer running at its peak performance.  It has a combination of tools to defrag and prevent future fragmentation of the drive using the exclusive OptiWrite technology. If fragmentation does occur, the SMARTPlacement strategy steps in to optimize the drive according to your distinct PC usage patterns.   StealthPatrol is the automatic optimization utility that runs at specified times or when the computer is not busy.

What is Disk Defragmentation and Why is it Needed?

Hard drives are the slowest part of a computer especially when compared to the other computer speed factors like the processor and memory.  That is why everything possible must be done to keep the disk running as fast as possible.  Quicker access to the data stored is about the only thing that can keep a drive running at its peak potential.  An optimization tool to reduce clutter helps but disk defragmentation is ultimately the best way to keep it running fast. 

Data is stored in sectors on the drive and as time goes on, new files, deleted files and removed programs will leave empty sectors.  As the drive is filled up with more files and programs, the data is written on the first available sector ultimately scattering the data throughout the disk making it slower to access the data.  This is where a good defrag utility like PerfectDisk comes in handy.  PerfectDisk removes all of the unallocated sectors and essentially combines all of the scattered data in the appropriate space making it quicker to access the stored data.

Here is a review of PerfectDisk Professional

Clicking on the Analyze button performs a fragmentation and free space analysis of the selected drive.

The Defragmentation Tab

The analysis of this particular drive was not heavily fragmented but I went ahead and ran the defrag anyway to show the features of the program.  When it was finished, the summary showed that PerfectDisk has finished optimizing your drive and your drive is now at peak performance and there are no additional optimization recommendations.  It also showed all kinds of stats about the drive as shown below.

Shows the completed defragmentation statistics

The StealthPatrol Tab includes the OptiWrite and Auto-Optimization utilities.  OptiWrite intelligently prevents fragmentation before it happens with no impact on computer performance.  The Auto Optimization tool works invisibly in the background to improve the performance of the system either when the system is idle or when the screensaver kicks in.  You can also schedule times when those tools are not allowed to run or when select programs are running.

The StealthPatrol Tab

There is also a Scheduling Tab to run certain tasks when specified.  The Space Management tab helps reduce clutter by emptying the Recycle Bin and removing Temporary files.  The S.M.A.R.T Tab shows you more information about your hard drive than you probably will ever need to know but still a handy utility.  The last tab is the Dashboard which tells of the total fragments prevented, eliminated and defragmented. It also shows the drive status including temperature, health and performance.

The PerfectDisk Dashboard

This review shows that the PerfectDisk disk defrag utility covers all of the hard drive optimization techniques in one easy to use program.  PerfectDisk Professional is a recommended utility to have in your toolbox. 

The Raxco Software Company realizes the need for hard drive optimization tools to keep a computer running as fast a s possible.  Disk defragmentation is still a necessity after all these years unless you are using a Solid-State Drive that requires no defrag but still needs optimization.  PerfectDisk is the perfect solution and is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner so you know they can be trusted on all of the newest versions of Windows Operating Systems including Servers and virtualization solutions from VMware and Microsoft. 




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