Review of the MyPC Backup Online Backup Service


MyPC Backup is an online backup solution that combines secure file backup, unlimited storage space, synchronization and file sharing.  It seems to be a good deal at $4.95 a month for true unlimited backup space with no bandwidth throttling or file size limitations.  Backups are safe with the industry standard 256-bit file encryption used when transferring and storing data.  Another plus is the use of mirrored servers so your data is in at least two separate locations for optimal data duplication security.  It also offers free mobile apps which allows you to backup your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows Surface or Blackberry device.

This review of the MyPC Backup online backup solution will show the major features of the service and show just how easy it is to use to keep your computer files safe, secure and easily accessible.  The first step is easy.  Just go on over to MyPC Backup and sign up for an account, it’s free to try.  Once you have signed up, simply download the program and install it. 

The next step is to select what to backup on the computer.  The recommendation was to backup the My Documents folder which is where most data is stored by default.  I like to have a little more control over programs so I clicked the Manual Backup Selection.

The Welcome Screen with Backup Selection

The following screen popped up requiring me to make a selection as to what to backup.  For the purpose of this review, I chose an important folder called WAB located on my D Drive.  This is the folder that the What’s A Byte website is stored in. 

This is what MyPC Backup looks like in action.

MyPC Backup in Progress

When it was finished, it told me so. 

The completed backup job

Exploring the backup program further shows how to view the backed files, change the backup settings, restore files and the synchronization folder settings. Most of the settings can be accessed either online or with the local installed program, which is a nice feature.  Here is a shot of the online Dashboard. 

The MyPC Backup Online Dashboard

By clicking on the View My Backup Files on the online menu, you can access your files from any computer with an Internet connection.  You can also view those same files on a mobile device or share files or folders with friends via an email link.  Whether you are sharing Holiday or Vacation folders or important documents with colleagues, MyPC Backup makes it easy. Simply click on Share a Folder and choose the folder to share and enter an email address. 

MyPC Backup offers plenty of extra features to make the most of backing up, accessing, storing and sharing your files.  The one that is a pretty important feature is the ability to restore the files that were backed up.  The following two shots show the steps it takes to select the files to restore.

After selecting the WAB Folder, I smacked the Restore Selected files button to start the restore operation.  When it was finished, it told me so and further exploration showed that they were indeed restored.  Whew!  It is good to know that I can backup and store this entire website online and restore it in its entirety or better yet, access it from anywhere.

Another great feature is the ability to access your files from anywhere from virtually any device with the MyPC Backup Mobile Apps.  The apps allow you to backup and sync all of your devices with a few clicks.  Apps are available for the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry, Windows Surface and the Kindle Fire.

MyPC Backup Mobile Apps

MyPC Backup claims to be a safe, secure and easy to use online backup program packed with some extra features that make it a good choice for novice users as well as people that want to control the features of the program.  This review of MyPC Backup put their claims to the test and proved to be a reliable claim.  For that reason, MyPC Backup gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes.  This is a recommended cloud backup solution to keep your computer and mobile device files safe and accessible. 


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