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Review of the Genie-Soft Genie Backup Manager


The Genie Backup Manager offers a very consistent and easy to use user interface to help you back up your data quickly and easily.  The Backup Manager is also a very versatile backup utility that is easy to use for the inexperienced user but also allows the PC expert to take control of how the backup jobs are executed.  There are two versions; Genie Backup Manager Home for the home user and Genie Backup Manager Professional for the Small and Medium Business users.  Here is a quick review of the Genie Backup Manager.

The Backup Manager allows you to back up your Megabytes and Gigabytes to a wide array of storage formats including an online backup service.  Here is a quick list of the different kinds of media that you can use to back up your important information:









Genie Backup Manager’s dependable and perceptive user interface makes it very user friendly and easy to use. With its wizard based interface, you can go through the steps of creating a backup with the assurance that you have done it correctly. Quick help can be found on each wizard page for guidance. The Genie Backup Manager Agent resides in the system tray, allowing access to many of the backup functions, but without the need to open the Backup Manager itself.

Here are a couple screenshots of the backup procedure using Genie Backup Manager Home.  This is the main interface where you choose which type of task you are going to perform.  Click on the backup button to use the wizard to create a backup job.

The Genie Backup Manager Main Interface

The next screen allows you to choose where you want to backup your data.  You can choose to backup locally or on a LAN, removable media devices, remote location using FTP, CD or DVD or their online backup service.

Select Where to Backup Your Files and Folders

The next screenshot allows you to select what files or folders you want to back up. 

Select What Files or Folders to Back Up

The restore process is just as easy to use as the backup procedure itself.  Simply click on the Restore button to start the restore process.

The Backup Manager Restore Process

Select the backup job you want to restore.

Select a Backup Job to Restore

Choose the files and folders you want to restore.  It is as simple as that.

Choose the Files and Folders to Restore

To create a Disaster recovery job in case of a total system failure, you can use the disaster recovery wizard to help you with that task.  The Genie Disaster Recovery process focuses on restoring Windows system files, programs, Documents and system state if Windows fails to boot properly.  The Disaster Recovery Wizard helps you create a bootable disk and then a backup job that contains all of the pertinent data to restore your entire system successfully.

Create a Disaster Recovery Job

Genie Backup Manager Home offers computer users a perfect solution to back up your data with very little effort on your part.  The software is very intuitive and easy to use for the novice user, yet powerful enough to satisfy the needs of the professional computer user that may want more control of the data backup process.  You can choose to backup only your personal data or perform a complete backup of your entire system for use in a Disaster Recovery situation.  Genie Backup Manager Home is a complete data backup and hard drive management solution.  Read More about the Genie backup solution.

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