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Uniblue DriverScanner claims to make updating system device drivers easy.  Keeping drivers updated keeps the PC running stable and possibly faster in some cases.  Some drivers need updating and others do not.  Manually updating them is a very tedious task that takes a lot of time and effort.  DriverScanner scans the computer looking for outdated and flawed drivers and recommends the newest version available form their database.  The scan is free; the software needs to be purchased to actually update the drivers.

What are Drivers and why do they need updating?

Computer drivers are needed so that the operating system can communicate, or give instructions, to devices that make up a computer system.  Video cards, network cards, system boards, mice and keyboards, just to name a few devices, all use drivers.  When those devices are first released, the manufacturers make them work as best as they can.  After being used by the masses, bugs turn up and they fix those bugs in the form of driver updates.  The updates occur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or maybe never.  How is a person to know when there is an update?  

DriverScanner 2016 has just been released and we will post a review of the newest version soon.  The following review is of an older version but here is a screenshot of the sleek new interface of the 2013 version:

The new imain interface of DriverScanner

This review of DriverScanner will show how easy it is to keep those necessary system drivers updated.  DriverScanner comes in a standalone version or can be purchased with the Uniblue PowerSuite, which is the deal I took.  As you can see, DriverScanner found 12 outdated drivers on this particular PC.  In order to fix them I needed to launch the application.  I did so. 

Use the PowerSuite interface to launch RegistryBooster

This overview of the main screen shows that I have 20 devices with outdated drivers and my system barometer is having a cloudy day.  The previous screen showed 12 outdated drivers.  The oldest one is over 5 years old.  Apparently, drivers affect more than one device.   

This screen shows all of the devices that have outdated drivers.  It tells in detail which devices are affected and the severity of their driver age, old, very old or ancient.  Most of these are ancient.  Can’t be a good thing.  If I were to go online and download all of these separately, I would be here all day.  This is what makes this program worth the money. The obvious choice was to smack the Download All button so I did so. 

Details on all of the outdated drivers found

When it was finished, it told me so.  To install the drivers, I simply need to click on the Install link.  I could also choose to ignore a particular driver if I chose to.

DriverScanner finished downloading drivers

Before installing any drivers, DriverScanner created a restore point so the computer could be safely restored to a previous time if something were to go awry.  That is a nice feature.  Several reboots were required to finish the installation but that was expected.  Windows likes to be rebooted after any system changes.  It took a matter of minutes to complete the tasks and I know from experience that this job would have taken hours if done manually.  When it was finished, there were no devices with outdated drivers and my System Barometer is now on Sunny.  That is a good thing. 

Screen showing no outdated drivers on the system

DriverScanner scanned the PC, downloaded and installed many outdated drivers on this system without a hitch, something I would not have wanted to do manually.  For this reason, DriverScanner gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes.  This utility is a recommended tool to have in your toolbox. 

DriverScanner 2016 is a utility that scans and updates system device drivers that may make a computer unresponsive, unstable and slower.  Drivers get outdated frequently for a variety of reasons and updating them manually is a very tedious task.  DriverScanner makes the job quick and easy.  With a few clicks of the mouse, everything is installed by a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner giving you the confidence that they are all installed correctly.  Try a Free Scan to see if your system drivers need updating.  The newest version can be purchased separately but it is an integral part of the Powersuite 2016 program.  Driver updates are part of the System Optimization process. See the review of the process here.

Try a Free Scan $29.95

The Uniblue Powersuite 2016 has been released with a brand new, easy to use interface and all the utilities needed to keep your PC running at its peak performance.  SpeedUpMyPC, MaxiDisk and DriverScanner are still included in the new version and accessible through three panels that include Speed Tools, Disk Optimization and System Optimization.  See how well DriverScanner integrates with PowerSuite in our Review of the UniBlue Powersuite

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