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Purchase Acronis True Image 2014 and get a Free upgrade to True Image 2015 when it is released


Hard Drive Image Restore using Acronis True Image 2014

You took an image of your hard drive using Acronis True Image 2014 in the last tutorial and now something has happened to your computer. Maybe you stepped in some scumware or somebody installed some "free" software, which is a virus in itself, anyway your computer is not as healthy as it was. Not a problem. Acronis makes it just as easy to restore an image of your hard drive as it was to create the image in the first place. This review of Acronis True Image 2014 shows how easy it is to recover a hard drive with the Operating System and all aplications intact or just restore individual files.

Open up the Acronis True Image program and choose the Recover button on the corresponding backup job.

Click the recover button on the appropriate backup job

Clicking on the Recover button brings up the following screen showing the source and destination recovery options.

The source and destination options

I wanted to recover the entire drive using the backup options that were chosen during the image creation process so I checked all of the source partitions available. Doing so opened the destination partitions to be restored. At that point, simply click on the Recover Now button to recover the entire drive. It is as simple as that.

Click the Recover Now button to restore the image

In just a few minutes, your hard drive will be restored to that perfect state it was in when you first made the image. Acronis has made hard drive imaging and restoration that simple.

If your computer is not bootable, hopefully you made a bootable CD as explained in this review or a bootable USB Flash Drive. This is what True Image 2014 looks like when booted from the Flash Drive.

The True Image program as it looks when booted from a flash drive

If you just need to recover a file or folder that is a simple process as well. Just click Recover on the appropriate backup job to bring up the following screen. You notice that there is also a timeline so you can choose which day you want to restore the data.

The file recovery screen

Now you can choose restore folders or individual files. To get the restoration process started, just do what I do; Smack the Recover button and sit back and relax.

On a scale of Bytes to Brontobytes, the Acronis True Image disk restore process gets a Brontobyte. It just works and it's easy.

Acronis True Image 2014 - Complete disk imaging and system disk backup for home PCs

True Image 2014

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image 2014 has just been released with some exciting new features to keep your Computer and files safely backed up and quickly accessible. True image now allows you to do incremental backups to the cloud and image your hard drive directly online keeping the image safe and secure until it is needed. 5GB of free online storage is also included with the new version. The hard drive backup and imaging program still has all of the useful features as before with some great improvements including virtual hard drive support and the Universal Restore feature which allows you to restore an image to dissimilar hardware or a virtual machine.  Acronis True Image 2014 now integrates with Windows 7 and iworks on Windows 8 as well. It also includes an online backup solution to keep your files safe, secure and available.  See the Review of Acronis True Image here. 

Order Acronis True Image 2014 $49.99

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

The True Image 2014 Premium package has all of the features of the regular version with a couple of essential tools that may be necessary for more advanced users.  The premium version allows you to migrate files, folders or the entire system to a new computer. It also allows you to restore files and images to anywhere needed, including dynamic disks and WinPE environments. This version also enables you to backup and restore dynamic disks.

Order Acronis True Image Premium $79.99

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